Getting Started

Walkthrough Guide

Let's begin your journey towards becoming a Master Nexican Builder... You should be able to follow along with this step-by-step, interactive tour of NEXA.js from A to Z in under an hour.


This guide is meant for Beginner (as well as 1st-time) Builders and will take you step-by-step through the complete process of:

  1. Setting up a "proper" Nexican Builder environment.
  2. Creating a new (or extending an existing) project.
  3. Customizing your project:
    • integrating w/ (real-time) external data sources
    • installing 3rd-party add-ons
    • applying FREE media resources
  4. Deploying your project to the public.

You should know!

NEXA Builder Studio offers the MOST user-friendly solution to building decentralized applications (dApps).

Setup Up Your Environment

It's important to use the "right set of tools" when expecting to perform a task successfully. Application development is no different. So we begin with establishing a proper Builder's environment from which to work.


  • Windows, Mac or Linux system installed


  1. Install latest release of Node.js using Node Version Manager (NVM).
  2. Install latest release of NEXA.js Lib+SDK using Node Package Manager (NPM).
  3. Install and/or configure an IDE (or text editor).

Create A New Project


Customize Your Project


Deploy Your Project