Design Principles

NEXA.js is the product of 1000s of hours and over 3+ years of iterative development across 4 blockchains (namely BTC, ETH, BCH & NEXA). A great deal of thought and consideration goes into every line of code contained in this library.

ECMAScript Modules (ESM)

NEXA.js uses modern ESM to ensure compatiblitiy with ALL modern tooling available to JS developers.

CommonJS Compatibility

There are currently NO plans to add CJS support to NEXA.js.

JavaScript Classes

Although not stricly necessary, JS Classes offer a familiarity to non-JS developers that often makes the transition to JS development less challenging.

Event Emitters

Used to broadcast real-time events across the Library.

Tailwind CSS

This is a mature CSS library that offers great support and regular updates from its team.

Nexa Style

This portal offers great snippets and design ideas for your Nexa Projects.

Builder Experience (BX)