Library Packages


The full NEXA.js Library + SDK is comprised of a collection of (33) specialized packages. Each package is tasked with performing a set of tasks extremely well.

There are currently over 100+ unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests to ensure a stable and consistent execution of library methods.

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Using Packages

You have 2 options when including packages to your code.

import Nexa from 'nexajs'

const details = Nexa.getTransaction('...')
import { getTransaction } from '@nexajs/transaction'

const details = getTransaction('...')

There are currently 33 packages that make up the full NEXA.js suite.


A suite of Address query, monitoring and formatting utilities.

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A complete solution for connecting your application to remote Rostrum services.

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A complete solution for managing Nexa coin and token assets.

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