Modular Framework

Learn about best-practices when using modules in NEXA.js

Importing and using modules are the lifeblood of this library.

/* Import (NEXA.js library) modules. */
import { getAddressBalance } from '@nexajs/rostrum'

/* Request address balance. */
const balance = await getAddressBalance('nexa:...')
console.log('My balance:', balance)

Why use a modular framework?

A modular framework offers a number of advantages that are GUARANTEED to improve your Builder Experience (BX), especially when used together with a package bundler:

  1. Better code organization
  2. Improved testing suite
  3. Tree-shaking optimizations

Better Code Organization

Individuals and teams consistently work faster for longer when making "smart" code management decisions EARLY in the product development cycle.

Improved Testing Suite

Write easier tests.

Tree-shaking Optimizations

Reduce the size of your final package by excluding unused code libraries during the build process.

Design principles