Getting Started

Nexa Builder Studio

A comprehensive suite of FREE tools & services providing Nexican builders with everything they need to Plan. Build. Test. Deliver and Manage ANY project or BIG idea.

Quick Start

Execute one of the following commands, then follow the step-by-step guide to quickly bootstrap each of your Nexa projects and/or BIG ideas.

npm create nexa
yarn create nexa
pnpm create nexa

Creating a New Project

Follow the step-by-step instructions of the interactive New Project wizard to get started quickly and easily on your Nexa projects.

NPM Create Nexa

Nexa Builder Studio offers full bootstrapping capabilities for the most popular Crypto networks, including: Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Tron and Polygon.

Studio Welcome

This is the starting point for Project journey. The first time you load your Studio page, you'll be presented with an interactive welcome guide.

NPM Create Nexa

Customize the Boilerplate Template

We know how challenging it can be to engineer the perfect setup for your projects, so we've taken much of the difficult decisions for you. Don't worry, you can easily adjust and/or disable ANY features that don't suit your needs.

Default boilerplate templates come with everything under the sun:

  • Profile Management

    1. Session manager (w/ authorization)
    2. User permissions
  • System Management

    1. Clipboard copy & paste
  • Wallet

    1. Create & import seed phrases
    2. Password protection
  • Server

    1. Public API endpoints
    2. Private API endpoints

You should know!

Nexa Studio allows you to choose from a full suite of features, including: charts & graphs, EVM-chain support, database plugins and more...

Pre-built Studios

You can fork-n-build from scratch OR choose to work from within ANY of the following (community-supported) pre-built studios:

  1. AI Studio
  2. NFT/SFT Studio
  3. Code Studio
  4. No-Code Studio
  5. Studio Wallet

AI Studio

Generate media using the state-of-the-art in generative models.

NFT Studio

Create custom NFTs & SFTs using this total solution for Creators.

Build an entire collection, using our Traits Manager.

Code & No-Code Studios

These areas are perfect to experiment with ALL the "bleeding-edge" innovations that Nexa Builder Studio offers its growing community.

Studio Wallet

A complete wallet solution with advanced Script support.

Studio Administration Center

This area requires Nexa ID authorization.

Enjoy the convenience of having a FULL administrative center dedicated to your new Project. A signle authorization scan allows you to easily link this Admin Center to your other Project Admin Centers for a seemless Builder Experience (BX).

Case Study #1: Awesome Nexa (Vue.js)

A directory of the most popular Nexa services, with community ratings and reviews.

Learn step-by-step how this portal was built using Nexa Builder Studio, featuring:

  1. Nexa ID Protocol (nexid) integration
  2. Local & remote database management
  3. Decentralized app (dApp) monetization
  4. Real-tiime analytics
  5. Administrative permissions/roles

Case Study #2: TΞLR Mobile (React Native)

A non-custodial, multi-chain Crypto wallet built for spending your Crypto in the "real" world.

Learn step-by-step how this "native" mobile app was built using Nexa Builder Studio, featuring:

  1. Non-custodial, multi-chain integration
  2. Real-time push notifications
  3. Publishing to (Apple & Google) app stores
Walkthrough Guide