Library Packages


A full-service, multi-currency web wallet for your applications.


Many applications offer a better User Experience (UX) when the wallet is directly embedded into the application.

NPM Create Nexa

You should know!

We also make this as simple as a drop-in Wallet package for your existing applications.

Wallet Package

NEXA.js offers a comprehensive Wallet package that you can add to any of your new/existing applications. For you convenience, default data providers are pre-installed.

import { Wallet } from '@nexajs/wallet'

const wallet = await Wallet.init()
// {
//   mnemonic: 'correct horse battery staple',
//   path: `m/44'/29223'/0'`,
//   index: 0,
//   ...
//   updatedAt: 1234567890,
// }

const address = wallet.address
// nexa:nqtsq5g59vw9p29wupxtnrff0u8ny2tn3j8n63j5akmsk58z

const balance = wallet.balance
// {
//   confirmed: 1337,
//   unconfirmed: 0,
// }

Customize Your Wallet

Customize your wallet options to best meet your needs:

  • Coin selection
  • Token selection
  • Change address
  • Fee rate
  • (Smart) contract script
  • Lock time
  • Sequence number